Bush Fires

Effects of a Bushfire

What can a Bushfire do? 

Bushfires will affect the environment, people and economy.


Bushfires would obviously kill animal and plant life. The vegetation in a burning area will be destroyed as it is used as fuel by the fire. Any animals around the burning area will die from suffocation and high temperatures. Bushfires will also release millions of  carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The amount of carbon dioxide created by a bushfire can be equal to 35% of Australia's carbon dioxide emission for an entire year.

The effects of bushfires on the environment aren't always bad because fire generates new growth and life. Fire also encourages the growth of new grassland plants.


Bushfires would also affect the lifes of many people. People may lose their belongings and their homes because of a bushfire. Worst of all though, a bushfire can kill many people just like how they can kill animals. People will be put in financial problems if their house burns down and others will be put in a very emotional state if a bushfire killed someone that they knew.


Bushfires will also destroy many hectares of land. Cars, buildings, buses and homes will be destroyed a long with the land. The damage done would be enormous and the amount of money that will be required to repair the damage will be in the millions.

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